Risk Management

Dangerous or unpleasant scenarios sometimes become reality – an executive or relative kidnapped, devastation from a natural disaster, demands from organized crime,  or a terrorist attack.  Our risk management service will assist in determining the worst case scenario, and then quickly develop a response plan to mitigate the danger and help businesses and individuals remain in operation with minimal interruption.  After determining your vulnerabilities,  we can assist with neutralizing or counteracting the security issues facing your company.

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Our well-organized contingencies cover various types of evacuations, whether medical, timed, or complete withdrawal.  Bomb threats, workplace violence, stalkers, corporate espionage, supply chain disruption, and extortion are dangers that can arise without warning.  We utilize the expertise of former police officers and military Special Forces personnel who have provided executive protection to diplomats, NGO’s, CEO's, and high net worth individuals globally.  We have experienced personnel who are prepared to operate in unfamiliar and hazardous areas.

360 Group has the resources and expertise to analyze risks, identify suspects, develop intervention strategies, mitigate threats, and ultimately help you manage and resolve a wide variety of security issues.  Our agents are able to respond quickly and effectively to preserve life and to secure operations and reputations.  During risk management operations, we remain mindful of the profile and sensitivity of the client’s business, and are able to blend in with the surroundings, while providing discreet and effective security.