Private Parties

Hosting private parties can be a daunting task with liability as a concern, including protecting personal property and the safety of guests.  The presence of our professional security teams will aid in removing much of the stress associated with planning your event. 

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Before your event, our experienced supervisors will meet with you to conduct a preliminary inspection and consultation. We assess the event site and perimeter to determine the specific security needs to keep your guests safe.

During the event, we work diligently to create a safe, comfortable and pleasant environment.  We maintain constant vigilance to deter actions without detracting from the event, to create a pleasant experience for your guests.  

If an incident does occur, our security officers are trained to verbally deflect and isolate, with physical contact used only as a last resort.  If the local police must be summoned, our background in law enforcement will aid in maintaining a low profile during their response.