Executive/Close Protection

Personal security has become increasingly important for professionals, celebrities and their families in an ever-changing world. Groups and individuals can be vulnerable at home, while traveling, or at their place of work.

Our experienced directors and staff have completed assignments around the globe for corporate and business executives, celebrities, royal families, senior military officials, VIP’s, foreign dignitaries, ambassadors and religious leaders.  Whatever the circumstances, the 360 goal is to help the client with maintaining a normal lifestyle with minimal disruption for their family.  


Global threats and the growing influence of the internet and social media are making our world increasingly unpredictable and uncertain.  360 Group International is the security partner and trusted advisor you can rely on to assess heightened threat situations, someone who can help you mitigate risk and ultimately keep you, your staff or family safe.  We work with you to identify your threat profile and tailor a strategic security plan.

When domestic partnerships turn acrimonious, we advise clients to avoid taking chances.  Our discreet protection service can provide peace of mind and significantly eliminate the possibility of an unpleasant or dangerous encounter.

Domestic disputes can include anything from property controversy, to child custody or divorce following long standing marital problems.  Often, we initiate our services at the request of a lawyer who is working on resolving the problems.

If a restraining order is in place, we will assess your property and work to ensure that it is strictly obeyed. However, even if a restraining order has not been issued, we recognize that the most important thing is your peace of mind.  If you feel threatened, our personnel will work closely with you to reduce any danger, whether real or perceived.

We tailor our consultants and teams to the client’s needs, matching individuals together only if they are a good fit. This includes making sure our officers are a fit for particular situations, whether working at a residence, function, on business trips or vacations. We have a wide range of experience working all manner of events, from press junkets and filming locations to leisurely travel.

For travel, we facilitate the client’s need for secured ground and air transportation to both private and social events. Many of our officers are bilingual and we make a point of providing a team member fluent in local languages for any country you may be visiting. We also insure that these men and women will fit seamlessly into any situation.

360 Group excels in the field of Close Protection. We are proud of our well-honed planning process for Close Protection Projects, outlined below:

  • Initial Threat Analysis.
  • Liaising with Families, individuals and corporations in order to identify any special needs.
  • In the case of travel, compiling a security briefing for the clients prior to departure.
  • Conducting a security review of port of entry, airfields, routes, hotels and venues (both business and leisure).
  • Selecting the most appropriate cleared medical facility with regards to client(s) personal needs.
  • Liaising with contacts to providing additional support should it be necessary and updating intelligence information.
  • Liaising with airport staff, customs and immigration services, including “airside” meet and greet.
  • Prepare a contingency plan to rapidly extract the client from any potential threat scenario.