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Bill Kirkpatrick

Bill Kirkpatrick


As the President and Chief Executive Officer of 360 Group International, Bill Kirkpatrick offers more than two decades of Law Enforcement experience with the Beverly Hills Police Department. For the last 10 years of his career at the BHPD, Officer Kirkpatrick had the responsibility for coordinating the Police Department's needs for all special events for the City of Beverly Hills. Bill also created and implemented security / traffic plans for visiting dignitaries and heads of state as well as many high profile celebrity events and awards shows including the Golden Globes, the Emmy’s, and Academy Award events.

Bill Kirkpatrick has many years of experience working protection details for Corporate Executives including Forbes 100 Corporate Clients, A-list Celebrities, Military and Government Officials. He is a top level dedicated professional with excellent interpersonal communication skills and a comprehensive knowledge of Protection, Intelligence, Criminal Investigations and Threat Assessments.

Bill possesses a CCW and is authorized to carry a concealed firearm nationwide. Through inter-agency training, he has developed special expertise in tactical field operations and high-risk threat assessments.

Bill is experienced in managing sensitive operations including the day-to-day activities for prominent public figures, A-list celebrities, and organizations. He directs a staff of threat assessment analysts, investigators, and experts trained at rapid response reaction. Bill routinely coordinates with the U.S. Secret Service, Military and Law Enforcement officials, as well as foreign government agencies that protect heads of state and other officials. He has managed hundreds of protective details for the world’s most prominent public figures globally (film and television locations, domestic and international travel details, private estates, public appearances / events).

During his Law Enforcement career, Bill received numerous personal commendations and citations including “Officer of the Year” honors on two occasions from both the Beverly Hills Police Department and the Beverly Hills American Legion.

Certifications & Special Training

  • CCW, HR-218 card
  • CPR & First Aid
  • Defensive Tactics (Krav Maga)
  • Domestic Violence
  • Tactical Firearms
  • Crisis Communications
  • Tactical Communications
  • Special Events Management
  • Tactical Rifle
  • Pursuit Driving
  • Special Tactics Team Training
  • Dignitary Protection Training
  • Surveillance/Counter-surveillance
  • Tactical Operations


Finn McClafferty

Finn McClafferty

Director of Investigations

Finn joined 360 Group after a very successful career at Beverly Hills Police Department. During his time at BHPD, Finn was assigned to the Emergency Service Division. As a member of the SWAT Team, Finn participated in High risk warrant service, hostage rescue and high risk surveillance. Finn was part of a counter surveillance and counter assault team assigned to dignitary protection to include US and International Presidents, Kings and Queens, Corporate Executives, Military and Government Officials. Finn also served on the Police K9 Unit. His Partners, Nitro and Max, both retired with him. Both K9’s were dual purpose trained in suspect apprehension and explosive detection and SWAT.

While with BHPD, Finn served as a lead Detective assigned to various Federal Task Forces Including the DEA, where he investigated high level drug trafficking which led to arrests and successful prosecution of criminal suspects. Finn also participated in surveillance and investigations for task forces related to Sex Crimes and Residential Burglary.

As a Private Investigator, Finn has worked numerous high profile surveillances and investigations on corporate and personal matters to include forensic research and litigation support. Finn’s tenacity and expertise has led him to be very successful in obtaining high value information.

Specialized Training & Certifications
  • POST Basic, Intermediate and Advanced
  • POST Intermediate and Advanced SWAT (LAPD/LASD)
  • State Of California Licensed Paramedic
  • POST K-9 Handler: Suspect Apprehension, Explosive Detection, Cadaver (LAPD/FBI)
  • Dignitary Protection Training (United States Secret Service)
  • Surveillance/Counter-surveillance Training (LAPD)
  • Defensive Tactics (Krav Maga)
  • Domestic Violence
  • Crisis Negations
  • Pursuit Driving
  • Tactical Communications, Tactical Rifle and Tactical Operations


Walt Jordan

Walt Jordan

Director of Executive Protection

Walt Jordan is the Director of Executive Protection and Training at 360 Group. He has 28 years of experience with the Beverly Hills Police Department. During that time he was the Officer in charge of the Special Tactics Unit, Senior SWAT/Special Response Team Supervisor.

After his career at Beverly Hills Police he became the Commander of the AMTRAK Police counter terror unit for the Western United States and served 6 years in that capacity at the rank of Captain.

Walt has conducted hundreds of protection operations directly and in support for U.S. Presidents, Foreign Heads of State, Dignitaries, business persons, celebrities and persons under serious threat. He has conducted hundreds of threat and risk assessments for protective operations, businesses and private estates.

Provided protective operations training as the lead instructor for:
  • Dutch National Police (SWAT)
  • Singaporean National Police
  • Jordanian Royal Guard
  • Venezuelan Presidential Protection Unit (Pre-Chavez)
  • Beverly Hills Police
  • Beverly Hills Police
  • AMTRAK Police
  • Various training companies to include Gunsite and Executive Protection Institute
Graduate/Participant in numerous protective operations and risk assessment courses:

U.S. Secret Service Attack on Principals class 5x, U.S. Secret Service Threat and Risk Assessment Course, U.S. Department of State Dignitary Protection Course Los Angeles 3x, Washington DC, U.S. Department of State Anti-Terror Assistance Program Dignitary Operations Course, Marana, AZ, Air Force Office of Special Investigations Protective Operations Course and Advanced Special Operations Course, Department of Homeland Security/Department of Defense 3 week Security Threat and Vulnerability Program Certification/Homeland Defense enhanced Capability Assessment, Method (HLD-eCAM), Department of Homeland Security Land Transportation Anti-Terrorism Course, A&M Threat and Risk Assessment Course, ManTech Protective Operations Course, Chameleon Associates Threat Assessment Course, DHS Open Source Information Research Analysis Course, Instructor for Bobby Ore Driving Academy in Driving in High Threat Environments and Protective Operations Driving

Instructor/Guest Instructor for various entities on topics of terrorism and protective operations to include:

U.S. Department of Defense Joint Chiefs, Joint Staff Level 3 and Level 4 Seminars on Force Protection/Terrorism 4x, California Certified Hazardous Materials Technician and Specialist, Instructor for Terrorism and WMD Response

Terrorism threat/suicide attack presenter for:

U.S. Secret Service Division and Unit personnel to include Presidential Protection Detail, Counter Surveillance Unit, Counter Sniper Unit, Uniformed Division, and Technical Services Division, U.S. Navy Naval Special Warfare Teams, National Tactical Officers Association, California Association of Tactical Officers, LAPD, Beverly Hills PD, Georgia Public Safety Training Center, Panelist for 2 sessions of the International Counter Terrorism Conference in Israel.

Ralph Morten

Ralph Morten

Security Professional

Ralph Morten is a former Marine who retired from the Los Angeles Police Department in 2007 as a Detective Supervisor, following a 33-year career in law enforcement, including assignments in SWAT and the Bomb Squad.

Morten has worked extensively throughout the Middle East and South Asia including Iraq and Afghanistan as a C-IED trainer and senior police advisor to Coalition Forces, Marine Corps Battalions, and indigenous police units. He developed the current Combat Policing program now being used successfully in both Iraq and Afghanistan by the Marine Corps. It is also the basis for the current LEP (law enforcement professional) program being used by the Marine Corps, with retired or former law enforcement officers serving as police advisors for infantry battalions during dismounted patrols.

Ralph regularly conducts training for all Marine Corps battalions and regiments prior to their deployment to the Middle East on subjects including suicide bomber and IED countermeasures, convoy tactics, complex wave attacks, force protection measures, and police patrol tactics (Combat Policing) for local police units. He has provided training and guidance during numerous mounted and dismounted patrols in Iraq and Afghanistan demonstrating the Combat Policing concept of operations since 2003, with his last deployment completed June 2012 in Helmand Province. Ralph has also provided his expertise and experience to develop security plans and assessments for Marine bases in Afghanistan and Iraq, including personal security from enemy attacks.

As a member of SWAT and the Bomb Squad, he assisted in the planning and development of high profile security operations to protect venues like the Staples Center, Shrine Auditorium and Dolby Theater in Hollywood.


Allen Griggsby

Allen Griggsby

Director of Operations

Allen joined the 360 Group International team in 2009 following decades of customer service, logistics, and team management experience.
Allen's security training began as a senior customer service agent at Los Angeles International Airport with Midway Airlines, Los Angeles Station staff. Allen continued his airline career spending several years with MGM Grand Air, an upscale carrier that provided both scheduled and privately chartered air service. The clients serviced included a list of who's who in entertainment, sports and Business. After receiving extensive training on providing luxury services and security as a Flight Attendant, he was invited to join the sales and marketing team.

During his tenure at MGM Grand Air, Allen was mentored to sell and manage high end accounts which helped him develop exceptional customer service skills. Allen quickly adopted the sales philosophy of providing a client with a wonderfully unique customer focused service experience. Allen chartered and coordinated several world tours for world renowned pop stars.

Allen later accepted a position as Director of Internet Sales with the Miller Automotive Group where he helped to pioneer internet sales techniques that validate the customer’s research and helped them move forward in a non-confrontational buying environment while providing quality service.

As the Director of Operations for 360 Group International, Allen has automated and streamlined operations within 360 Group International to include employee and account management and retention. In addition to determining large scale event logistics and security plans, Allen oversees Guard training, compliance and human resources. Allen is dedicated to ensuring that our employees, and our operations, are prepared, compliant and secure so that 360 Group can offer a world class service to best serve our the clients interest’s.


PPO #15722
PI #27350 NV PILB # 1707
Licensed • Bonded • Insured

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